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Show de Erazno y Chokolata

ERAZNO Y LA CHOKOLATA (Erazno and The Chokolata) is the version of Saturday Night Live in the afternoon, it’s a variety show for the whole family.These are the characters: The Chokolata leads the show, and is considered a diva, always trying to move away from its image. She loves Erazno put in place! Erazno is an aspiring Mexican wrestler, and always takes his friends to take part in ridiculous and funny skits, presenting the news with a particular style.

On the late show, Chokolata and Dr. Elvia Contreras will answer all questions from the audience about health and love. The funniest segment is Chokolatazo where Choko involved in a relationship where there might have been cases of infidelity. Listeners ask for help from Choko to test the fidelity of their partners, using a free gift will be sent to your loved one … be the wife or another woman? The gardener or the husband? The Chokolatazo will discover! Erazno and The Chokolata is the only one where you can enjoy this group of crazy characters in action!

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